Twitter: Is “Follow Friday” Spam Bait?

Follow Friday, (#followfriday) has become a common weekly practice for some Twitter users. The concept is relatively simple: every Friday, post a tweet recommending a few people to follow, and use the #followfriday hashtag. Your followers see your tweet and decide if the people you recommend are worth following.

Mashable explained it a few months back if you’re still confused.

But this got me thinking: is the #followfriday an easy way for spam tweeters to find new people to follow/spam?

Seems like it would be pretty simple to run a weekly search for the #followfriday hashtag, and use that to auto-generate a list of potential followees. It’s obviously not a huge problem, and I don’t think we need to stop using the #followfriday hashtag. Yet. I’m just pointing it out. And it raises the question:

Do you notice an increase in spam followers right after someone followfridays you (yes, I made it a verb)?

I’d like to know. Post a comment.


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