LinkedIn: Translate My Notes to Searchable Text

After 4+ years of use, LinkedIn continues to be a useful tool for me. I can find people pretty easily, look up connections, network. But in some ways, translating real-world networking into LinkedIn networking has proven to be a challenge. In fact, hanging on to a business card is a necessary supplement to connecting digitally. Here’s why:

When I meet someone at a conference and get their card, I make notes on the back of it – things like where we met (which conference in what city), the date, what we talked about. Later, I can refer to the card and remember who the person is and how I know them, then use those as a basis for re-introducing myself when I contact them via email or phone.

But LinkedIn doesn’t have an effective digital translation for this. They do have the newly integrated “tags” feature, and that’s a good start. You can apply a tag to individuals (“coworker,” “college friend,” “conference attendee” etc) but there isn’t a way to write a short narrative about the person.

I often go through my LinkedIn contacts list.  There are plenty of times when I stare at a name for a few seconds and think, “who is that?” And then I refer to the box of business cards in my desk drawer. LinkedIn, there must be a better way. 140 characters to describe each contact, perhaps?


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