Group Request Spam: Some Examples

I manage a closed university alumni group on LinkedIn. Therefore I am privy to all of the…”creative” explanations from individuals who feel they are entitled to be a member of said group. I’ve been collecting these explanations for some time now; a few of them are below. These were all sent to me via LinkedIn messaging:

“I would love the opportunity to join this group – I am a Group Sales Manager at the [a hotel chain] and it could be a great professional and personal benefit to you/your group, I and my company to get to know each other and maybe work together. The [hotels] have meeting space both indoor and outdoor for group bookings, along with over 380 guest rooms for group and or individual reservations.”


“Hi there,

I’m fresh graduate [note: not a graduate from the university in question] and I’m Cisco (CCNA) certified. Please contact me I need other’s experience advice and I’m searching Job.
Thank you for considering me”


“Hi I hope you are fine and doing good.. your group.. good..
[company url]”

This is but a very small subset of the constant stream of messages, all from people with no affiliation with the university, wanting to establish a connection. While keeping a closed group means more work, it also means that you close the door to spammers. People like the ones above never get a chance to post a message about selling hotel conference room space on your discussion board, in your news items, or contact members of the group directly about it.

Maintaining the barrier between your group members and spammers is part of what makes “group.. good..”


One Response to Group Request Spam: Some Examples

  1. These are pretty funny. Now that you’re blogging and building a reputation in this sphere, you’ll start getting similar come-ons from companies and organizations wanting you to post about their product, service, etc.

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