Web Squared: The New (and Changing) Frontier

While Web 2.0 still seems new to some, the phrase has been floating around the interwebs for five years.

In Internet Time, that’s forever. And I think quite a few of us have been thinking about where we’re headed next for a while now. What will the web morph into, and how will things change?

Tim O’Reilly and Jennifer Pahlka (who coined the term “Web 2.0” those five years ago) are now giving the next generation of the Internet a name: Web Squared. But it’s not that name that matters. We can call it Web Flugelhorned for all I care. The most important part is keeping tabs on where we’re headed, and be flexible enough to continually adapt and adjust to imminent change.

And that’s why I’m here, writing this blog. The point of this space is to remind everyone (myself included) that change is integral to what we do every day. We need to adapt, innovate and create new ways to solve problems and get things done. So you’re using Twitter now – that’s great. But in five years when we’re talking about the name for the next iteration of the Internet, that’s not going to matter so much. Twitter will be gone: it will have changed or adapted or something else will have taken its place entirely. And we need to be flexible enough to accommodate those changes.

So…here are some important things to think about as we move forward and the web continues to change:

– Are you thinking strategically? Keep the big picture in mind instead of just reacting to everything that comes your way.

– What are you trying to accomplish? Is it relevant? Don’t just do something because everyone else is, do it because it makes sense.

– What tools would help you be more efficient/better at what you do? Do those tools exist (yet)? If not, build those tools or brainstorm ways to adapt existing tools to meet your needs.

The Internet is going to keep on changing – it’s up to us to keep on changing too.


One Response to Web Squared: The New (and Changing) Frontier

  1. “Web Flugelhorned,” eh? Catchy. And to think that one day I’ll be able to say I read it here first…

    Seriously, though: these are great points for us to keep in mind as we continue to deal with, adapt to and innovate through change. (I gave up trying to “manage” change back when the term Web 2.0 was still sorta trendy.)

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