Conferences: Social Media Summit, Advancement Research

On Thursday, October 15, I’ll be in Columbia, Missouri for the University of Missouri’s Social Media Summit ’09. Brad J. Ward of Blue Fuego and I will be on hand to talk about social media in higher ed and beyond. [Update: Follow the conversation on Twitter with the conference hashtag: #musms09]

The following week, I’ll be in Irvine, California at the CARA (California Advancement Researchers Association) Annual Statewide Conference from October 22-23. I’m taking part in a panel discussing social media in fundraising and prospect research. Members of the panel are Jay Frost of Frost on Fundraising, Alison Becker, Senior Research Analyst at  UCLA, and Vladimir Foronda, Prospect Researcher at Earthjustice.

[10/16 Update: slides are now available from the Social Media Summit at Mizzou. Find them here.]

[10/19 Update: the conversations at the Social Media Summit at Mizzou sparked some thoughtful and insightful blog posts.

  • Andrew Careaga‘s post at higher ed marketing with a conference recap and afterthoughts
  • Christine Hollingsworth pointed me to a post at the  Missouri FCCLA blog on social media opportunity cost, inspired by the conference
  • Michael Stoner‘s post at mStonerblog with musings from the conference and thoughts on “engagement fatigue”

Thanks to all for the great conversation, thoughts, and insight.]


4 Responses to Conferences: Social Media Summit, Advancement Research

  1. Hi Liz,

    I am very interested in finding out more about your presentation at CARA, specifically about prospect research and social media. Unfortunately, I can’t make it to the conference, but would very much welcome any information on the subject.

    I’ll be sure to follow your tweets about the conference as well.

    Chris Vrotsos
    Office of Prospect Research and Management
    Tufts University

    • Elizabeth Allen says:

      Andy: looking forward to it!

      Chris: I’m happy to share the outcomes/insights from the CARA conference. I think I’ll learn quite a bit myself.

    • Elizabeth Allen says:

      Chris: there were a few Tweets during the conference, but let’s connect directly via email as well.

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