Stuff I Use: Tools for Managing Social (and other) Media

Managing and monitoring your online reputation requires keeping tabs on lots of different online spaces. Fortunately there are several free tools available on the Interwebs to help you. Here are some of my favorites:

Hootsuite: a free, web based tool for administering Twitter identities. I use it to manage several Twitter accounts at once, search specific keywords and hashtags, shrink URLs and schedule future tweets. It does all that AND supplies metrics on specific tweets (if it contains a url you shortened via Hootsuite). Overall, its a great tool. My only complaint is that in the past they’ve forced users to send a canned tweet telling everyone how great Hootsuite is. Annoying.

Google Alerts are a no brainer: a free, simple way to monitor new stuff that’s been posted to the web about a certain subject. First, customize the system to send you an email with results on a certain query (or queries – you can set up as many alerts as you want, but you’ll get an email for each one). You can search for a name, a school, a company, a product – anything. When that search term pops up in the latest relevant Google results, you’ll hear about it via email. You just decide how often you want to receive them. Google Alerts has been around for a while, but I still find it incredibly useful.

NetNewsWire. To keep up with blogs, news, and other sites via RSS you need a good feed reader (if you’re not clear on what RSS or “syndication” is, read more here). My favorite is NetNewsWire, a free client for the Mac (sorry, no PC version as of yet). By sorting everything into folders/categories I can quickly and painlessly sift through hundreds of feeds every day.

PC folks: No NetNewsWire should not mean that you give up on RSS entirely. I hear good things about Google Reader; give it a shot and let me know what you think.

And don’t forget: you can put the feed for this very blog in your reader of choice right here.


2 Responses to Stuff I Use: Tools for Managing Social (and other) Media

  1. Melissa says:

    I use google reader and it is great!

  2. Becky Teasley says:

    One of those comments even came from someone in New Zealand. The internet is an amazing tool for those of use living very far from home.

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