Four Tips for Feeding the Social Media Beast

Keeping social media content fresh is a job all by itself. How do you keep content from going stale without feeling overwhelmed? What do to when you don’t have breaking news to tweet, blog or post? Here are a few tips for keeping that hungry social media beast fat and happy:

Teamwork: Use your colleagues, friends and family for new ideas. What’s new? What’s interesting? What do they want to hear more about? Use these questions as a way to brainstorm and get new ideas for content.

Keep a List: Store your ideas in a Google doc, as draft posts, or even written down good old-fashioned paper. Circle back to them when you feel stuck.

Keep Your Post Pantry Well Stocked: Start writing out posts in advance; they’ll be ready to roll when you feel like you’ve got nothing to say. Choose subjects that are not time sensitive, and can be posted days or weeks in the future.

Plan Ahead: This can be tough, but planning your posts a week or two in advance can help you feel less manic. It also insures that your content is part of a cohesive strategy, not a one-off without clear direction or purpose.


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