Mobile Devices and Your Communications Strategy

Heading out the door? You’re probably not going too far without checking for your wallet, keys, and cell phone. According to Jan Chipchase, researcher for Nokia, it’s universal: people all over the world don’t leave home without money, keys, and their mobile telephone.

And now these three things are starting to become one thing: you can buy a cup of coffee, unlock your car, even check in for your flight…all with your phone. Who needs keys or cash when you’ve got your cellie (do people even call it that anymore?)?

Since mobile devices have clearly wormed their way into our daily lives, I pose the following question: how are you integrating mobile technology into your communications strategy?

I don’t bring this up because I expect you to run out, hire a programmer, and build a suite of mobile apps compatible with everything from the Blackberry to the iPad. Instead, I ask that you start to think critically about your audience and your goals. Use those goals as a framework for making smart decisions about mobile technology.

Do you have content that users will need and want to access while away from their computer? Your audience wants to use their phone for something useful, interesting, fun, or maybe even completely useless. The services they want to interact with may not be what you’d expect. Think beyond the content you want to deliver and instead, think of what your audience might actually want.


One Response to Mobile Devices and Your Communications Strategy

  1. Jason says:

    Wow Elizabeth Allen, what an amazing blog. Keep up the good work!

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