THINK Global School and Social Media

My role at THINK Global School, previously blogged here, presents me with interesting challenges most every day – and I am loving every minute of it. TGS is brand new (our first class starts in September), which means that we the TGS staff will be learning and adapting right along with our students.

In the coming school year, I’ll share our progress, what we’ve learned, and what we’re working on in a series of blog posts for edSocialMedia, an online resource focused on the role of social media in education, particularly in independent schools and colleges. My first post, Traveling the World with Social Media, is there now – please check it out.

If you’d like to learn more about TGS, you’re in luck: my post at edSocialMedia is coordinated with an article by Andy Shaindlin of Alumni Futures. Click through to Alumni Futures to read Andy’s look at THINK Global School with insight from our Head of School, Aron Solomon.

Stay tuned as TGS students, staff and faculty embark on an amazing, educational journey. First stop: Stockholm!


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