Student Generated Content: Part Five

This is the fifth post in a series on integrating student-generated content into communications, particularly in social platforms. Read the entire series here.

Below are two great examples of blogs and other presences that highlight student generated content.

Example One: Beyond the Elms from my alma mater, Scripps College

Beyond the Elms is written by current students as they begin to explore their options for life after college: graduate school, entering the workforce and entrepreneurship. Students also discuss their searches for summer internships, interviewing tips and other career-related endeavors. Valinda Lee, Assistant Director of Career Planning & Resources and manager of the student bloggers, shared a great success story with me via email:

“One of my writers is interested in going into literary criticism. In one of her posts she mentioned the names of a few critics who she admired. One of them must have had a Google alert set on his name and found the blog entry. He left a comment offering help to the student, and they connected for a great informational interview. He happens to have connections to her midwest hometown and put her in contact with an editor of a paper there.”

Thank you Valinda!

Example Two: Videos from Students on Ice

The Students on Ice Foundation offers educational expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic for high school students, focused on helping young people gain a better understanding of our planet and environment. During each expedition, students share their experiences and impressions, all of which are captured on video. These videos are then uploaded to the web, giving visitors a first-hand account of the students’ adventures. The videos are also a great way to thank donors and others who helped make the trip possible. Watch the clips from the 2010 expedition to Antarctica here. You can also follow their upcoming journey to the Arctic here.

Looking for even more examples? Check out this shared Google spreadsheet created by Kyle Judah (@KyleJudah) listing student blogs from institutions around the world.

I know there are many, many more examples out there. Please share yours in the comments! I hope this series of posts has inspired you to think about how your organization can use student generated content to reach your many audiences.


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