Keeping Up

One of questions I hear most often is, “How do you keep up with all of this stuff?” Meaning: “how on earth to you find the time, energy and motivation to keep up with the latest trends, tools and social content?”

The short answer is that I find “this stuff” interesting, so keeping up is easy. I want to do it. But if you are new to all this, or maybe just burned out, here are a few specific ways you can keep up with the social media universe:

1) Use Twitter.

Follow people who distribute great content. Follow hashtags like #casesmc. Engage in conversations. Using Twitter to both obtain and distribute information and ideas is one of the best ways to use the tool.

2) Read blogs.

There’s a list of some of the blogs I read in the right sidebar on this page (“Blogroll”). Check them out, subscribe, and hear from some of the smartest, coolest, most thoughtful people in education and communications. Also see EdSocialMedia and BlogHighEd; both have a diverse array of contributors with great insight and perspective (full disclosure – I’m a contributor to both of those sites).

3) Talk to people.

Go to a Tweetup. Start an email thread. Pick up the phone. Attend conferences. Having actual conversations with people you respect, find interesting, or just want to learn from is a great way to get new information – and to spark your own creativity.

4) Get industry news.

Read industry sites like Mashable. Even though it isn’t education-specific, the trends and tools they talk about will likely apply to your institution, school, etc. Sign up for the Smart Brief on Social Media. It’s a daily (M-F) email and it always, always has great content. Smart Brief has digests on EdTech, Education, and many other topics as well.

What did I miss? What other resources do you use to “keep up with this stuff?”


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