Can’t We All Just Get Along: Web & Print Communications

I’m delivering two seminars on social media at Castle Press in Pasadena, California. Yes: a printing company has asked me to talk to its clients about web communications and social technology.

This leads me to an important point: computer-based communications have captured a great deal of attention of late. This does not mean that printed communications are useless and irrelevant. Quite the contrary, in fact: I believe that bringing together print and pixels is key to creating a cohesive, comprehensive communications strategy. Don’t let trendy software determine your communications strategy. Instead, think about your goals, audiences, budget and messages. Then, use those as the basis for developing your strategy. Just because “everyone else” is using a particular tool doesn’t mean it’s the right tool for the goals you’re trying to reach.


Alumni Futures Round Table

Andy Shaindlin of Alumni Futures and I are convening a day-long meeting for educational advancement professionals – those who work in alumni relations, communications, and fundraising. This is your opportunity to be a part of a group of about 10 participants, each of whom will have 30 minutes to get input and feedback from the rest of the attendees on either:

– a new idea or a new direction in their work that they want to share with others,


– a challenge or problem they face in their work, to brainstorm possible solutions

The goal of Alumni Futures Round Tables is to give educational advancement professionals the opportunity to learn directly from colleagues, innovate, and brainstorm new ideas in the profession.

Join us on Tuesday, May 18th in Claremont, California for the Alumni Futures Round Table.

Full details and registration information available here >>


CASE SMC (photo by @jfwp)

When Jennifer Lichty of CASE contacted me last fall about the possibility of being a conference chair, I was both excited and scared at the same time. This was to be a brand new conference – new ideas, new tools, new programming – and CASE gave me the freedom to make all the decisions. I even needed to come up with the name!

And so, the CASE “Social Media and Community” conference was born. My goals were many fold, but they included 1) recruiting faculty with diverse backgrounds and experiences, and 2) creating instructional, strategic, and forward-thinking sessions. Thanks to a collaborative working relationship with Leisha Lecouvie, Joel Price, and Michael Stoner, we were able to design a program that would speak to challenges faced at independent schools, in higher ed, and international schools and universities. Additionally, the CASE staff let us do things a little differently than the norm, like providing wifi in the meeting room, sharing slides online, and having a hands-on session for attendees.

Judging from the feedback I received both over traditional channels (face to face conversations) and social technologies (like following the twitter hashtag) folks learned a lot and felt that their participation was well worth the time and money.

Another one of my goals is/was to give attendees opportunities to extend the conference experience beyond the physical meeting room. Now that the conference is over, there are still several ways for attendees to get resources and connect with one another (after all, the people you meet at a conference can be just as informative and helpful as the sessions themselves). We have articles and posts via social bookmarks on Diigo, the Twitter hashtag and account, materials on SlideShare, and a Flickr presence.

Rumor has it that next year’s conference is in San Francisco, so mark your calendars. There’s already a hashtag (thanks to @agossen): #casesmc11.

CASE SMC Resources

Many of you are aware that I am chairing the CASE Social Media and Community conference. I’m excited to meet the more than 150 participants signed up to take part in what I hope will be valuable experience. For those of you who are part of that 150 (and for those of you who are not) we have online resources you can peruse during the conference:

Check out our Diigo group. We plan to add more resources to the group during the conference and after it is complete.

Follow the backchannel with the Twitter hashtag #CASEsmc10 – listen in on what you’re missing.

See the photos on our Flickr group. We just have placeholders there for now, but will add more photos once we kick off.

See you next week!

Conference Buzz: CASE SMC

I’m pleased to report that the email and print promotions have gone out for the CASE conference I’m chairing in April:  Social Media & Community: Developing and Managing Strategies for Online Outreach. Perhaps that’s how you found your way to my blog. Welcome!

A quick reminder: we’ve set up presences on third-party sites where you can interact with faculty and with each other before, during, and after the conference. Of note:

Twitter: follow @CASEsmc, and use the hashtag #CASEsmc10 to keep up with news and info. If you’re planning to join us in Chicago in April, @reply the CASEsmc Twitter account. We’ll follow you and add you to this Twitter list:

Diigo (social bookmarks): find articles, blog posts and other content of note in the conference Diigo group. We’ll keep this active after the conference as well.

Flickr: post some photos you’re proud of, and post your photos from Chicago after the conference in our Flickr group. If you’re unfamiliar with Flickr, this is a good chance to try it out.

See you in April!